Sunday, October 4, 2015

An Abundant Life - Catch Of The Day

Today is the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, and what better way to celebrate it than by celebrating a family that fishes our local coastal waterways.

In the words of my dear friend Wade Karlin, "P.E. & D.D. Seafood is owned and operated by Phil and Dolores Karlin. Located in Riverhead they have a small retail store as well, located at 833 Middle Road. As far as fishing . . . it's done by my father, brother Phil, my nephew Carl and myself! A number to reach us is (631) 727-0523. Our stand is at Union Square market on Saturdays and Mondays. We're also at the Abingdon Square market on Saturdays too!"

I met Wade because of his wonderful fish, and remained a friend because of his wonderful self. Over the years of visiting him at the Union Square Farmers Market I have met all of the family members he listed along with Aunt Jan who works with Wade at Union Square. I could go on for days about the delicious fish, the recipes and good cheer they share, and the many friends they have who stop by regularly to stop and chat as they buy the freshest and most delectable fish available. I grew up in Massachusetts, spending summers in Rhode Island, and the fish I have had from their stand rivals any I have had anywhere. Their crab cakes are superb, the tuna divine, and you haven't had blue fish until you've tried theirs. I dream about their scallops and planned my engagement party around their daily catch. I had a vision of loaves and fishes that came abundantly true and was easily prepared - their fish is so fresh and wholesome that all you need to do is steam it and it's ready to go. They will sell you a small amount of things too - I've made amazing bouillabaisse with odds and ends and steamed up a delightful piece of cod with fresh chives, butter and milk in the early spring. It's worth a visit for the good talk, and you will always find the best fish, the best prices and the best service. Stop by once and you'll be hooked for a healthy and delicious life!

Wade and Aunt Jan

Service With a Smile

As Fresh As It Gets


Jannie Susan

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