Sunday, March 4, 2018

An Abundant Life - Vibrant And Full Of Life

When I think of Alberte Bernier, I think of beauty, grace, elegance, and style, and I think of her lovely smile that lights up her face and any room she walks into. I also think of the word vibrant, because she is and her work is, the rich colors and tones of her canvases seeming to jump off the walls and out of the spaces they are placed in. I met Alberte a little more than a year ago, when I saw her work at a group show at the Hob'art Gallery in Hoboken, and then last summer on a rainy evening I went to see a show at the same gallery where she was exhibiting with the photographer Thomas Egan. That night when I reintroduced myself we began to discuss the possibility of my writing a blog post, and Alberte told me that she had a studio space at Chashama in the Brooklyn Army Terminal where there would be an Open Studio in the fall. I went there on a golden Saturday afternoon, a beautiful adventure in Art and Architecture - my hat goes off to the beautiful and visionary Founder Anita Durst who I knew was an amazing powerhouse but whose vision and presence is so integral to the studios in the Brooklyn Army Terminal that they wouldn't exist, or be so extraordinary, without her. The day was a special and memorable one, and my time in Alberte's studio was full of the light and life that is part of everything that Alberte is a part of. Her paintings and mixed media creations, the plants on her shelves and the shells she is growing them in are thriving, and every touch and every part of the space breathes creativity and beauty.

When I was at the Hob'art show last summer, Alberte introduced me to Edla Cusick and her niece Agnes Collins who I wrote about a few weeks ago. Edla had been Alberte's teacher and Alberte honored her presence at the Hob'art opening as she honored Anita Durst when she stopped by her studio at the Brooklyn Army Terminal. There is something so gracious and lovely when a beautiful and successful artist is able to recognize those mentors and teachers and supporters who have meant so much in a creative life's journey. She has also written several books, and is regularly involved with charitable causes. There is a sense of community and history and grace, an opening up of a space to include all - past, present and future, and, like the plants on Alberte's windowsills in her studio at the Brooklyn Army Terminal, one link leads to another, each piece growing into fullness by linking to the others around it.

Over the past months I have also attended the openings for two of her group shows in Chelsea, and another at Hob'art in memory of Edla Cusick. After the most recent opening at Pleiades Gallery, she treated me to a lovely dinner at a nearby restaurant. It was another rainy evening, but inside with Alberte it was sunny, as we talked about life and light and art.

Alberte Bernier
With Anita Durst, Founder of Chashama
At The Brooklyn Army Terminal
Open Studios 2017

A Manequin Dressed In Beautiful Colors
By The Couturier's Eye

A Display Of Her Books

Mixed Media And Work Created On Wood Fragments

At The Opening Reception For
"Transitions From Dark" At Hob'art Gallery
Photograph By Thomas Egan

In Chelsea
At The Opening Reception
For A Group Show
At Ceres Gallery

Talking About
Her Mixed Media Collage Pieces
With Artist Piper Smith
At The Opening Reception
For The Small Works Show
At Pleiades Gallery

And Over A Treat Of A Dinner After The Show


Jannie Susan

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