Sunday, February 28, 2016

An Abundant Life - The Magic Mountain

One hundred years ago, in the early part of the 20th Century, Thomas Mann began to write a novel that was to become The Magic Mountain. I read it years ago when I was in college as part of a special project for one of my literature classes, and as with all great novels, although at the time I was not experienced enough to fully grasp the depth of the information he was sharing, certain themes have stayed with me in hidden corners of my memory all of these years, resurfacing when the time is right for me to learn something new from them. I just recently started physical therapy for an injury I experienced last fall. It had taken me a while to find the right doctors to work with, and though I trust in God to always provide, waiting for His timing in finding the doctors was beginning to exhaust me. But true to His faithfulness, when I found the right doctors and specialists, I was not only blessed by their knowledge and helpful professional skills, I also found myself recommended to a place that is providing a haven of therapeutic care.

Kessler Rehabilitation Center has locations throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and with their core mission and vision that focus on supportive professional and integrative patient care, wherever you are located I am sure you'll find excellent and compassionate service to meet your needs. In addition to their excellent service and care, they also have a Direct Access policy, a commitment that they will treat people who walk in without a prescription, opening a door to help people who might have thought their options for rehabilitative services were limited. If you need their help, contact them and see what is possible.

I have been blessed to meet the team at the location in Hoboken and to be working with Jason Vanoy who is such an amazing person and health care professional that he has given me not only the excellent care that I need, but has actively helped me to learn more about my physical body in a way that will help me throughout the rest of my life. When I asked Jason if I could write about Kessler Rehabilitation Center for my blog, I told him that my experience was reminding me of Thomas Mann's The Magic Mountain - through the process of physical therapy, because I am learning so much about how to care for and strengthen my physical self, I am learning how to care for myself on other levels as well. There has been much research done on how the physical body is linked to so much of ourselves in ways that we sometimes don't even realize. I teach nutrition and health, and I know that what we eat and how we sleep and our physical activity is linked directly to how we feel emotionally and can even effect some deeper issues that may arise in our physical and psychological lives. The same is true for our physical body and how that relates to our holistic well being. As we care for our physical selves and are cared for, we can find that there is healing and strengthening in other areas of our lives where we may not have recognized a need. Just as Thomas Mann's characters went to the mountain and learned about themselves in deeper ways, I've found the experience of working with an excellent and highly trained physical therapist in the supportive environment maintained by Kessler Rehabilitation Center has begun to open my heart and my mind in ways that will continue to have positive impact for years to come.

Jason Vanoy
At Kessler Rehabilitation Center, Hoboken

Jason Vanoy And Dana Ann Bergin
Two Great Physical Therapists

This Sign Is A Commitment To Providing Direct Access
Walk-In Service Without A Prescription

State Of The Art Equipment
In A Peaceful And Sunny Environment

Teaching Tools
To Help In Learning And Growth

Certifications And Professional Credentials
Prominently Displayed

Words Of Encouragement Every Step Of The Way

When Candy Is Good For You

There are certain things that can make us feel good any day, and though they might not be the healthiest choices, I always tell people in my workshops and classes that as long as the foundation of our diet is fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lower fat proteins and dairy or dairy substitutes, having something sweet purely because it is enjoyable is ok. I always tell them I love my sweets and treats but that I choose carefully when and where I will have them and that I won't just eat any piece of candy that comes my way. I met Breanne last weekend at an event I wrote about last Sunday, and when she invited me to her Candy Jewelry party at Flat 128, I knew I wanted to go. Breanne herself is a powerhouse of creativity and joy, and I knew that wherever she would be the party would follow. Watch this wonderful young woman - you'll be seeing more about her on the covers of magazine and walking down runways - I guarantee it.

Breanne of By Breanne
Candy Jewelry  Party
At Flat 128
15 Christopher Street, NYC
(914) 582-6814

Beautiful People With Beautiful Candy Jewelry Smiles

Specialty Cocktails Created By @thegreatbeerturtle

Awesome Beats By @chambrayallday

Candy Jewelry

And iPhone Cookies

Gorgeous Photography By @sheisred

An Amazing Store

An Amazing Event


Jannie Susan

Sunday, February 21, 2016

An Abundant Life - Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice

I've written about the amazing Dawn Catherine Pascale in the past and will be writing more about her in the future because there is just so much that is wonderful to share. Sharing is the word that comes to mind when I think of Dawn - she shares ideas and resources and information and caring and love and joy in everything that she does. Get on her mailing list, follow her on Instagram, stay in touch with this powerhouse of abundance - you'll find yourself having the best of times and learning about how you can walk in a life of well being and wholesome good fun.

An invitation from Dawn on Instagram led me to The Hudson Table on the first day that the weather was feeling like a hint of spring. Even without the weather cooperating, the event would have been a welcome one - free gourmet hot chocolate and local bakeries offering unique home made and hand made treats. I had been wanting to visit The Hudson Table since the first time I walked by it several months ago - the space is gorgeous and when I looked on their website I saw that they offered workshops and classes in food and cooking and healthy eating for children, adults and families - something that is near and dear to my heart. Visiting with them while sipping hot chocolate and eating fresh cream ice cream, vegan treats, home baked goods and the most beautifully presented and lovely sweets imaginable was an afternoon made in heaven. Look them up and check them out for the best of times they have on offer. You only have to see their kitchen and you'll know you're in the right place for great food and great times.

The Hudson Table
1403 Clinton Street
Hoboken, NJ

Complimentary Gourmet Hot Chocolate
Served With A Smile By Breanne

Confectionary Cell Phone And Jewelry Treats
Designed And Made By The Lovely Hot Chocolate Server
by Breanne

Nicole Hope
And Her Exquisitely Hand Crafted Granolas and Nut Mixes
Bounty Craft Granola

Jennifer Bunce, Cake Designer/Owner
With Gorgeous And Delectable Treats From The Hudson Cakery

The Ever Amazing Dawn Catherine Pascale, Owner Of Om Sweet Home
With Her Delightful and Delicious Vegan And Gluten Free Confections

Jennifer Choi With Her Stunning And Enticing Desserts And Designs
Sugar Suckle
Jennifer Choi Dessert Catering

Divine Mini Gourmet Ice Cream Cones
From Milk Sugar Love Creamery And Bakeshop
Hamilton Square
19 McWilliams Place
Jersey City, NJ

Chocolate Covered Spoons For Your Hot Chocolate
The Icing On The Cake!


Jannie Susan