Sunday, November 27, 2016

An Abundant Life - Beautiful Discoveries

I met Bridget Negron when I stopped in to say hello to the owner of Urban Consign and Design one day a few weeks ago. He was not there, but Bridget was so lovely and charming that I felt right at home, and when we talked a bit and I found out that she was a makeup artist, I offered to meet with her outside of work to learn more about her so that I could write a post for my blog. We planned to meet at a lovely coffee shop in the neighborhood, another location of Choc O Pain French Bakery that I have written about here before, and on the day we met I was reminded that this particular location of Choc O Pain is part of a co-op with Bloomsbury Sq., a natural skin care line that I've been wanting to learn more about also. My meeting with Bridget would have been delightful on its own - she is so full of life and heart that it is a pleasure to spend time with her - and the combination of her charming philosophy of beauty and her lovely spirit along with the intoxicatingly delectable scents and tastes and scenery in the co-op for Bloomsbury Square and Choc O Pain made our time together a highlight of my week. Talking to Bridget about beauty products and skin care and hearing her stories of her search for the path to true beauty was inspiring and encouraging. Although I don't wear much make up, I am a girl at heart who loves to dress up, and wearing makeup is something that though rare for me is something I enjoy. Bridget's beauty is natural, flowing from her beautiful spirit out into the world, and her understanding of skin care and makeup and how to work with others to help them shine as brightly as she does is a delight to experience. Whether you are planning a big event, or you have a career that calls for great makeup, or whether you just want to have a beauty day, call Bridget and schedule a consultation - you will look at yourself and the world of makeup in a whole new way.

Bridget Negron, Makeup Artist





A Space To Dream Beautiful Dreams

After meeting with Bridget, I spent some time on another day to meet with Niambi of Bloomsbury Sq. The space she has created is so delightful and the scents of her handcrafted products so delicious that I wanted to find out more about this beautiful heart who had envisioned such a wonderful home away from home. Having spent time in London and Europe, Niambi wanted to create the same kind of Old World environment of the village apothecary, and she has done all that and more. The products of Bloomsbury Sq. and the blooming plants trailing their tendrils down airy and light filled walls reminded me of some of the loveliest spaces and places I've visited in Switzerland, London, Germany and France. And to think that she is there, easily located on Summit Avenue, and that along with a visit to her shop and studio you can take a few moments or many more and enjoy the delights of Choc O Pain French Bakery is a delightful breath of fresh air. 

942 Co-op
Bloomsbury Sq. and Choc O Pain French Bakery
942 Summit Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey

Wonderful Staff From Choc O Pain

A Perfect Cup Every Time

The Secret Of True Beauty

I was introduced to Ramy Gafni by a very lovely person who has only the best of taste. When he told me he had a friend who was known as the Eyebrow King, I wanted to meet him - not only because I knew he must be the best of the best in the business, but if the man who introduced us was calling him a friend, I knew he would be a wonderful person too. But although I expected to spend some enjoyable time with him, I was unprepared for the lovely afternoon I had. It was something I never expected to find someone as knowledgeable and highly regarded to take the time to share his experiences in such a charming and humble way. Ramy is an artist, in the classical sense of the word, and his sensitivity, skill and expertise show in everything he does. He's known for his wonderful work with eyebrows, but he is a craftsman in every area of beauty, with his own makeup line and the experience to back up his products. His books are best sellers, and rightly too - whether writing about tricks of the trade to make a lovely face lovelier or helping people to find their own beauty, his beautiful heart shines through. He's helped the world's most beautiful people be beautiful, and spending time with him can help us all be more beautiful too.

Ramy Gafni In His Studio
343 East 30th Street, Suite 19J
(212) 684-9500


Jannie Susan

Sunday, November 20, 2016

An Abundant Life - Love Is

My grandmother always said you should never love things, just people. But for many years I have loved Eileen Fisher's clothing. The quality is excellent, the materials lovely, the designs chic and comfortable, and the philosophy behind the designs is always wonderful. It's beautiful clothing with a message, making sustainability, ecology, recycling, reusing, rejuvenating and liberating catch phrases that we can all hang on to. Another thing I have loved for even more years is the New Yorker Magazine. When I was growing up, my mother read it from cover to cover and let me read it with her - I've always loved cartoons, and the New  Yorker has some of the best, so even as my childhood's untutored brain could not necessarily understand all of the references, the drawings were priceless - funny and fun and full of playfulness while always having something very important to say. One of the first things I did when I first moved to New York was to get my own subscription, and it is the only magazine that I have continuously had in my home.

When I received an invitation to a New Yorker event where Eileen Fisher would be the focus of the evening, it was a perfect meeting of two of  my all time loves. And to top it off, the event was held in the Conde Nast offices at One World Trade Center, a building that holds such a deep and resonant place in my life in New York, and one that I had not been inside of yet. The conversation was focused around Green Eileen, an initiative to reuse and recycle Eileen Fisher designs that had been purchased and worn and returned, and we were introduced to three exciting innovators, all graduates of Parsons School Of Design, who had won the Social Innovators Award and were now working with Eileen Fisher to create new and inspired clothing out of the many pieces that had been been returned through the Green Eileen program. The evening was in a word delightful - and I could go on for many more words, but I will let you see for yourself.

Cocktails And Conversation
Eileen Fisher And The New Yorker
Founder, Eileen Fisher Talks With Social Innovators Award Winners
Carmen Gama, Teslin Doud, and Lucy Jones
Conde Nast
One World Trade Center
New York, New York

An Amazing Building

An Amazing History

An Amazing Event

Art And Life

A few weeks ago I wrote about attending an amazing gallery opening in Chelsea, and the wonderful person I met as I was arriving. That same person who helped me be whisked past the guards that night introduced me to a gallery owner who is doing tremendous things on West 24th Street. Marina Dojchinov came to New York City from Australia by way of London, and it was a lifelong dream to live in the City that never sleeps. It is also a dream for New York to have such a lovely entrepreneur gracing the streets - Marina has vision and ambition that have brought her a long way and will continue to help her and those she embraces to thrive. 3Squared Gallery is her newest venture, in collaboration with The Mad Gallerist. An art space for everyone to have a place at the table, an open door to bring ideas and creativity, 3Squared Gallery is open to suggestions and discussion from artists and designers of all kinds. Marina and The Mad Gallerist have based their model on a kind of newer age Warhol Factory - a place where artists can mix and mingle and share creative space. The first show I went to was of the work of Richard DeCosmis, an astonishing collection by a creative genius who though he had been working for years in his studio has only recently been truly discovered. The artists' agent is none other than the lovely person I met as I was arriving at the gallery show a few weeks ago, Paul Larsen, one of those meetings that will always be memorable and continues to delight. When I met with Marina and asked about her goals, she's aiming to be the next Anna Wintour and to make the Forbes 30 Under 30 - a sky that with her hard work and dedication can be reached.

Marina Dojchinov, Curator and Co-Founder
At 3Squared Gallery
Current Exhibition The Art Of Richard DeCosmis
Artists' Agent Paul Larsen
3Squared Gallery
157 West 24th Street
New York, NY

Always A Delight To Meet Old Friends In A New Space
Yanni Kyriazis and Jeffrey Scott
Stopping In For A Visit

Mingling Of Music And Art

Joyfully Unexpected Mixing Of Art And Life

Doing Delicious Good
A few weeks ago when the weather was fine, I met a wonderful couple who have started their own charitable business. I had been to a gallery opening that I wrote about in these pages several months ago where they were hosting wine tastings, and I loved the idea so much that I started talking to people I knew to see if that was something I could bring to some of the events I plan and organizations I work with. I heard from one person that it was very difficult to do, but I kept asking, and one day when I walked into the yard of the Church Of The Holy Innocents in Hoboken where Rummage and Ruffage hosts their Saturday events I saw just the person I was looking for. Grapeful sells wines from selected vineyards that do not sell in stores, so every wine they share is something that is very special and unique to their list. Charitable organizations and fund raisers can open a Grapeful order site or host a Grapeful party, and in the words of the founders, "With every bottle purchased, your cause earns money." What could be better? Enjoy exclusive wines while supporting your own or another great cause - Grapeful has figured out how to win my heart.

Outdoors At HOLA - Hoboken's Dual Language Charter School

Indoors At Hoboken's Church Of The Holy Innocents
At Rummage And Ruffage

Loving Your Neighbor And Yourself

There are some women I have written about in these pages before who are always doing wonderful things. Last Friday I met up with them and more of their friends at GG's Girls Night Out, an evening in their words of elegant music, fashion and fun, and a time to sip, shop, mingle and pamper. A portion of the proceeds would go to H.O.N.E.Y. Organization, and though I had a busy week, I knew I had to stop by to celebrate their goodness. Everyone there was having so much fun and all of the vendors were so full of light and life that I wanted to stay much longer than I could. There was so much to enjoy that I can only give you a sample of it here - check them out and follow them all to find out where and when you can meet up with them again.

GG's Girls Night Out
140 Sip Avenue
Jersey City, New Jersey

 Butter Up

Angela Huggins

CupCake Salon

 The Polish Pit

Stacey Renee Designs

 The Hat Studio

Tellaro Cosmetix

Myrtle & Flossie


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