Sunday, November 29, 2015

An Abundant Life - Glamour And Class

Glamorously Shopping Small In Jersey City

A few weeks ago I posted about The Hudson Flea and Hewn Art Center, but on the day when I went to take my photos, a few of the wonderful artists and artisans who add their beauty to that place were at another event in Jersey City. I stopped by yesterday for Small Business Saturday, and walked into one of the most glamorous parties I've been to in a long time. Gwendolyn Green of The Hat Studio knows how to throw a party - she'll dress you up in a hat made for royalty, and she caters some of the most delectable treats imaginable too. She's so charming and gracious I'm going to start calling her Queen Gwendolyn - I can't say enough about the wonderful time I had with her yesterday, and so I'm going to let the pictures do the talking.

The Hat Studio
Gwendolyn Green, Milliner - Custom Hats
140 Sip Avenue
Jersey City, NJ
Saturday & Sunday 11-5
(201) 725-7175

Stacey Hyatt-Dixon Outside Her Studio
Stacey Renee Designs
(201) 702-1635

Dressed And Treated With Glamour And Class

Nia Reid-Allen Takes a Glamorous Break
Myrtle & Flossie
Before, During, After And Baby

Shopping Small With Class In Hoboken

After my captivating visit with Gwendolyn, I stopped by to see another glamorous and classy woman, Neeta Chitre King, the owner of AaRaa in Hoboken. I wrote about Neeta and Aaraa in this blog in my first post of this series, An Abundant Life - Abundance Of The Season. I have learned so much from Neeta and continue to visit with her on a regular basis because she always has something new to share. Her fashion sense is more than forward - she's ahead of the trends every time while keeping classic looks and styles in the forefront. I always tell her I see her pieces on Madison Avenue after I've seen them in her store. Her prices are so affordable you can fill your treasure trove and keep on filling it, and she's always willing to help with styling ideas for that special occasion. Last night when I arrived, her new holiday windows were blazing with sweetness and warmth, another luscious creation by Tiffany Pinero. A perfect end to a perfect day.

Jewelry, Accessories, Home
408 6th Street, Between Grand & Adams
Hoboken, NJ
(201) 386-0101
Facebook: AaRaa Accessories
Twitter: Shop_aaraa
Instagram: aaraahoboken


Jannie Susan

Sunday, November 22, 2015

An Abundant Life - All That Glitterati Is Surely Gold

Twenty years ago I moved into an apartment on West Broadway between Grand and Canal Streets, near the entrance to the Holland Tunnel. Back in those days, SoHo wasn't what it is now, and though it had started its climb into the stratosphere of high end real estate, there was still a neighborhood feel with artists in abundance on every block. At a holiday party in their store near my apartment, I met David Lee Holland and Yanni Kyriazis; jewelry designers, artists and artisans both, they always had the best holiday parties, birthday parties, new design unveilings and any time parties, places where all the people I loved to meet would be. Last year I went to visit with Yanni again in their home studio where they were welcoming old friends and new to view their collection and share some holiday cheer. It had been a long time since I had seen him, but he looked the same as ever - vivacious, welcoming, charming, handsome and so full of life that I left feeling invigorated, and when he invited me to a gallery opening last week, I knew I had to go. This time, instead of the finest of jewelry, I was treated to a viewing of some of the finest of art. As described by the curators, Jeffrey Scott and Yanni Kyriazis, "The Pastoral Landscape In The Present Tense, The Artworks Of Bill Claps and George H. Lewis" is "A reexamination of genre as defined by two exceptional artists whose works acknowledge yet defy conventional formal constraint and bring to life an ever-changing globalized landscape in vibrant contemporary idiom." Or in my own words, every piece is a masterpiece and a jewel and gem for the eye to behold. Don't miss this exhibit!

The Pastoral Landscape In The Present Tense
The Artworks Of Bill Claps And George H. Lewis
Curated By: Jeffrey Scott/Yanni Kyriazis
Exhibition: November 17-December 1, 2015
Salomon Arts Gallery
83 Leonard Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10013
(212) 966-1997
Monday-Saturday (By Appointment)

The Glitterati

The Glittering Art And Artists

George H. Lewis

Bill Claps

The Glittering Hosts

Rodrigo Salomon
(with Director and Photographer Isaac Goodwiine)

Gigi Salomon

Yanni Kyriazis

The Glittering Servers and Sponsor

Claire Bertin-Lang And Rael Petit

Specialty Cocktails From Aviation Gin

An Enchanted Evening

Glittering In The Daylight Hours

Just a few blocks down on Chambers Street is one of my favorite jewelry stores. While David Lee Holland Jewelry creates one of a kind masterpieces, B&H Jewelry, Gold & Diamonds is a neighborhood store that sells everything and anything to do with fine jewelry, watches, gold, diamonds and silver. If you want it, they have it, and you'll always get the best prices when you talk to Eddie the Manager. There is lots to glitter here, and Eddie will always tell you the truth about what you're buying. He's a treasure himself, and so is his assistant, and the prices and quality you'll find here will make you think you've blissfully gone back twenty years. 

B&H Jewelry, Gold & Diamonds
79-81 Chambers Street
New York, NY 10007
(212) 608-5319
Monday-Thursday 8:30-6:30
Friday 8:30-4:30
Sunday 12-5
Closed Saturday

Manager, Eddie

Glittering Watches

Glittering Gold

Glittering More Than The Eye Can See

Whatever suits you, let your light shine!


Jannie Susan