Saturday, October 31, 2015

An Abundant Life - Overflowing With Goodness

Hudson Farmers Market, at 3437 Kennedy Boulevard in Jersey City Heights, is one of my favorite places. I would go there every day if I could. It's so full of good things that I love to walk around and smell and see the beautiful plants and flowers and be surrounded by all the healthy and delicious produce and specialty products found there. The owner, Louie, is a true gem, someone who works long hours to provide the best quality and prices of delicious fruits and vegetables I've seen anywhere. The variety is astounding, and for someone like me who loves to cook and eat wonderful things, it feels like I've walked into a food lover's heaven. Where else can you find heirloom tomatoes, perfectly ripe and so heavy with juice and sweetness that you could eat them the moment you bring them home, for the regular price of $1.49 a pound? These are the same tomatoes that at any other market would start at $4.99 and go up from there, and if you happen to catch them on an extra special, you'll bring home a quarter bushel basket for $1.99. Every day prices for local and exotic produce are always able to fill any kitchen with good wholesome and delicious food, and with special bags for .99 cents and those $1.99 baskets, there will always be food enough of every variety to keep you healthy and happy. In growing season you'll find local New Jersey produce of the sweetest and tenderest varieties. I had some kale tonight that knocked every other kale I've ever had completely out of the ball park. Louie's not playing around when it comes to the produce business, and if you love plants and flowers, you'll love the garden center and all it has to offer. They're open seven days, so stop by often. It will make your day brighter and fill you with all good things.

Hudson Farmers Market
3437 Kennedy Boulevard
Jersey City, NJ
(201) 792-2992
Monday-Saturday 8am-7pm
Sunday 8am-6pm

A Seasonal Harvest

Delight In Every Basket

Plants And Flowers And More

Bon Appetit!

Thrift Shopping In Union City - An Easy Stroll Away

After your delicious snack or meal with the wonderful provisions of Hudson Farmers Market, head on over to the other side of Kennedy Boulevard, just over the border into Union City. There's a thrift store there just north of 8th Street that has its own abundance of good things, and you'll need all the energy that comes from good healthy food to help you bring home all of the wonderful treasures you'll find there. A while back I bought a bag of I don't even know how many white feather boas for $5, and I've found lovely glassware, specialty items for the shower and bath, and two beautiful lamps that have turned my evening reading corner into a haven of beauty. The owner, Marco Basualdo, is always finding new things, and he keeps his prices user friendly in a way that truly blesses the neighborhood. Joanne Nieves is a sweet and lovely presence at the cash register, and if you stop by when the talented photographer Marlon Morales is there, ask if he'll show you his latest works of art. You'll be glad you stopped by Quality Thrift Shop, so stop by often.

Quality Thrift Shop
Just Above 8th Street
Union City, New Jersey
For Pick Up Call Marco
(201) 491-8055

Marco Basualdo

Joanne Nieves and Marlon Morales


And Pleasures

Happy Hunting :)


Jannie Susan

Sunday, October 25, 2015

An Abundant Life - Hand Made From The Heart

The first time I saw Sedona Hand Gallery at 201 Washington Street in Hoboken, my first thought was, "This is a special place." When I walked into the store for the first time, I knew my thought was right. There's an aura about this place that permeates the air around the block and the light scent that wafts out the door as you enter is enticing, exotic, calming, soothing and comforting all at the same time. The first person I met when I walked into the store was Phil, and over time I met his wife Daisy and their daughter Sedona. This is a lovely family and a lovely store filled with lovely things, some hand made or made in small batches, some that are one of a kind, and all selected with care. Phil also repairs jewelry and he and Daisy make and design some of their own, and they have such fine artist's eyes that the items they choose or they make are sure to delight. A necklace of my grandmother's that was given to me in a heap of crystals was painstakingly transformed into wearable art that impressed my mother who is a tough customer to please. Phil and Daisy are gentle and kind, and funny and fun too, and their daughter Sedona is as much of a treasure as they are. It always brightens my day to see them. They've owned their store for many years, and while visiting them I've always met new lovely friends who are returning customers and seen how they treat everyone who walks in from the street with the care and grace that is the hallmark of true customer service. Unique and beautiful clothing and jewelry, handbags and wallets of the finest leather and craftsmanship, kindness, aromatherapy and love - you'll find it all and more at Sedona Hand Gallery, the first destination on any kind of day of the week in any weather. They're open late too, so feel free to stop by on your way home after a long day. It will pick you up and send you home with a smile. And as always, a gentle reminder to be kind and gentle to these sweet people in return. They give their best and deserve all of ours.

Phil, Daisy and Sedona

Treasures For Every Eye

Clothing For Every Weather

A Special Handbag or Wallet

Always The Best

Unique, Precious and Lovely

Sedona Hand Gallery

201 Washington Street, Hoboken, New Jersey
(201) 792-5300
Monday, Tuesday 12-9
Wednesday through Saturday 12-10
Sunday 12-6


Jannie Susan