Sunday, November 10, 2019

An Abundant Life - Truth And Beauty

I met Jacqueline Firmo Falconi on Instagram before we met in person, and over time I saw her work in various shows and online, and I discovered that we knew some of the same people, so in a way I felt like I knew her, and when I did finally meet her, it felt as if we had known each other personally for a while. Her work is diverse, although it seems as I look at it now to select a few images for this blog that there is a similar style running through each of her subjects, as the Landscapes, Florals, Portraits, Still Life, and what is listed on her website at "Other Work" all seem to bring together the feelings of the colorful life and beauty of people and surroundings and objects with at times an almost whimsical tone of joy and celebration. Riotous colors explode into life on the page or quietly reflect off of the canvas, a blue veil brings a precious beauty to a woman's face as a bouquet of flowers brings a quiet joy to the stark and glistening black of a grand piano.

Born in Paris, Jacqueline has traveled all over the world, and in her paintings she seeks to share the images that have been brought into her own experiences during her travels. As she works with her oils to create richly hued tones and deeply defined imagery, the subjects of her musings come to life for us in a way that brings us into their world. From her early education at the Sorbonne to her studies at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Manhattan, she has refined her work while still maintaining a sense of its exuberant life. By exploring various subjects and imagery, she captures a sense of the unique humanity of the people she paints, while helping us discover the innate life in a cityscape, a body of water, or a blossoming cherry tree. Her vision is one that brings a clear-sighted truth to her paintings as she works with palate knife and brush to create textures and layers and bring levels of darkness and light to play off of each other. Glittering lights reflect off water as the still, dark  mountains rise above and around them, or a sunset glows golden through the reflections of blue sky and ocean on a sandy subtropical beach. As I viewed her work, the often-quoted line from Keats' poem "Ode On A Grecian Urn" came to mind, "Beauty is truth, truth beauty,-- that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know." Within these beautiful moments caught in time, light and truth shine out, and within the colors and layers and textures we can see more deeply and be renewed.

A Selection Of Images
From The Vision Of
Jacqueline Firmo Falconi
Photographs Courtesy Of The Artist's Website


Still Life

Cherry Blossom

Passerelle Saint Georges, Lyon, France

Face Maroon



Esplosione Con Bacche Rosse

Gigli Rosa

Il Vaso Giallo

Sunset In Florida

Italian Landscape By Night

Raggio Di Sole

Bambina Africana In Rosa


Tiger Bathing

A Few Images Of New Work
Photographs Courtesy of Jacqueline Firmo Falconi

And One Image With The Words Of The Artist
Photograph Courtesy Of The Artist's Website

"The Sun Sets And Rises, Wherever You Are, There Will Always Be A Tomorrow"


Jannie Susan

Sunday, November 3, 2019

An Abundant Life - Growing Wings

Christina Andersen's studio is one of those places where I would go just because I was in the neighborhood and needed a breath of fresh air. Located in the Monroe Center in Hoboken, Christina can be found by appointment and on special occasions in a room filled with beautiful pottery and flowers, with fresh blooms and dried arrangements all perfectly arrayed in a way that feels comfortable and homelike while still being so orderly and precise that you can tell an Artist's eye created it.

I met Christina a few years ago when she was selling flowers and pottery outside at a farmer's and community artisan's market in Hoboken. I love flowers and I love pottery, so I naturally stopped, and Christina herself was like a breath of fresh air, a piece of the country in the mile square city of Hoboken. I talked with her a while that day and learned that in addition to her studio, at the time she was selling flowers and pottery in one of the local shops and that she also works with some local businesses and restaurants to create weekly flower arrangements for their decor. And ever after that, whenever I saw some flowers that I thought might be hers, I'd ask and find out that they were.

Around holidays she creates special arrangements, and during community events like the Hoboken Art and Studio Tour which took place this weekend, she opens her studio for visits. Her studio is a lovely destination any time, whether you're looking for a gift for someone or yourself, or just want a few moments of cheerful inspiration. You can always find something lovely at Christina Andersen Floral Design as the designer herself is as beautiful as her flowers. Take a few precious moments for yourself to stop and smell whatever she has blooming there and give yourself the gift of life. There's a feeling of freedom when the soul gets near growing and blooming plants, and in Christina's studio you might just find yourself remembering a time in your life when you almost thought you could fly.

Christina Andersen Floral Design
Monroe Center
720 Monroe Street
Studio E506
Hoboken, New Jersey

From A Seasonal Spring Into Summer Display


Jannie Susan