Sunday, September 27, 2015

An Abundant Life - The Best of Both Worlds

Everything's up to date in Jersey City, and with Hoboken right next door and a beautiful waterfront walk to downtown or within an easy walk down the hill from the Heights, you can spend a season's worth of weekends enjoying all that the two cities have to offer. There's so much to share and today I'll be highlighting two of my favorite weekly seasonal events, with a special highlight on two of the local artists I've gotten to know and cherish.


Rummage and Ruffage at The Church of the Holy Innocents on the corner of 6th and Willow in Hoboken is home to Hoboken's Midtown Farmers Market and a haven of farmers, vendors and rummage sales every Saturday from 10am until 2pm through October. The event was designed to raise funds for the renovation of the church so that it could be a community space that hosts events for the area. Before 10am there's yoga and coffee, and yesterday when I went by they had a beer garden starting at 11:00! Years ago a friend told me about a tradition on weekends in her family to have "Elevenses" on Saturday mornings, and though I had too busy a day to stop and sample the hand crafted beer and Absolut Bloody Mary's, it was such a lovely and outdoorsy setting it was very tempting to stay. There are games for children and a lovely open yard for all of us to play in, the church rummage with fun and eclectic finds, and there's one special vendor who I always make sure to stop by and visit, Bill Maggs of R. William Maggs Designs.

On the Facebook page for R. William Maggs Designs you'll see the description, "Florist - Event Planner - Art Gallery," but Bill is so much more. Under his five star reviews I read, "You know when you're in the right shop when the owners are friendly, attentive, and passionate about what they do!" and that only begins to describe what meeting Bill is like. When he had his shop in Hoboken, it was a pleasure just to walk around and smell the flowers and scented candles and look at the lovely home furnishings and design ideas he has, and his tent at Rummage and Ruffage is its own special place within that special space. He'll be there through October, and year round you can always contact him on Facebook or through his website at

Abundantly special finds from Rummage and Ruffage and Bill Maggs


Up the hill at Riverview Park in Jersey City Heights they have a Farmers Market on Sunday mornings with local fare of eatable and visual kinds. One of my favorite artists, Jill Koproski, is found here sitting under a shady tree every third Sunday through October. I am a fan of beautiful pottery, and Jill creates some of the most amazingly gorgeous pieces, classical designs with her own special touches. Contact her at or stop by the market and enjoy the beauty all around you and especially under her tree.

Abundantly Beautiful Pottery from Jill Koproski


On Friday I had the opportunity to meet another beautiful artist, Holly Lance, where she had a table outdoors on 6th Avenue between 18th and 19th Streets in Manhattan. She's there on Tuesdays and Thursdays through Saturdays when the weather is fine, and all other times you can find her mixed media art and jewelry design online at

Card courtesy of Holly Lance, mixed media artist,


While shopping in the Newport Mall area I saw this beauty

And then I saw this beautiful group near Journal Square

I was shopping for groceries and picking up items for my morning oatmeal when I saw the group honoring the last day of Ganesh. The best way I've found to make me really feel ready to start the day is to have a good hearty cereal in the morning, oatmeal made with steel cut oats, or home made muesli made with rolled oats. I add about one tablespoon each of whatever dried fruits and nuts I have on hand along with a teaspoon each of things like coconut, flax seed meal, wheat bran or wheat germ, and add a cup of fresh fruit, a dash or two of cinnamon and top it off with plain yogurt. I like to use a variety of nuts, but for some reason they've been really expensive lately, so today I opted for unroasted, unblanched peanuts, something I've never tried before but the price was right and they are delicious! Even when I find good prices and can have other nuts around I may keep buying the peanuts. They're not so strong in flavor when they're unroasted, and peanuts are a great source of protein and healthy fats that can keep us feeling fuller and more energized and satisfied when we're running around during a hectic day.

Great morning cereal add-ons from Newark Avenue


Jannie Susan

Sunday, September 20, 2015

An Abundant Life - Something Old Something New

Rolando Iglesias is a treasure, and he holds the keys to a kingdom. Modern Retro Finds, his store at 91 Park Avenue in Hoboken, showcases only 25% of his inventory. Look online at or email him at if you're looking for something in particular. He has a wealth of knowledge, an abundant stock of the most beautiful pieces and one of a kind classics, and he works tirelessly to find new special treasures that are truly delightful and lovely in the home. His taste is sublime and his prices a fraction of the cost you would pay elsewhere - the only thing that keeps me from shopping on a budget is that I see something gorgeous and affordable every time I walk into his store. He has so much knowledge and he is such a great person - I have learned so much from him and his eye for design has inspired and uplifted my home. Go see him in person if you can. He's always out looking for something that will take our breath away, so call ahead for store hours or to make an appointment, (201) 459-0333, (516) 318-7848 cell.

As always, dear reader, be a good customer. He is truly an artist though he makes it look easy and his prices are so reasonable.

Rolando Iglesias, Master of Gorgeous Design

Scents for the Senses

Aromatherapy Amy has a nice ring to it, and you'll feel yourself ringing with good health and joy when you meet Amy and experience her natural beauty. A beauty herself she brings the most beautiful scents from herbs and flowers together to create a wealth of luxurious sensory experience. After shopping with Rolando, give Amy a call and stop by to meet with her for a one on one discussion or a workshop to find the right scents to complete your home and life journey. Find all the details on her website at

And while you're at it, follow her on Instagram - her posts are artworks in themselves that bring peace and tranquility, beauty and light and joy and life right into your inbox, a little connection with nature in the midst of a hectic day.

Women to Watch

On Friday I had the pleasure to meet with two beautiful and amazing young women who are so full of life and art they are overflowing. I stopped by their trunk show and vintage pop up shop and was reminded of all of the wonderful times I've had with artists in downtown NYC over the years. The memories of years past are beautiful, and it was beautiful to be a part of new memories being born. Watch for these women and follow them. They are making everything old new again.

Keri Shunk and Lindsay Bardwil of Unk&Wil Vintage

Lindsay surrounded,
like Monet in his studio
an abundance of art

A perfect pair of shoes

Or several

To go with your couture vintage blouse

Something old and something new

Unk&Wil Vintage
Keri Shunk
Lindsay Bardwil

I'll keep you posted here and on Instagram @jannie_wolff for their next trunk show, and as always feel free to ask for information about any of the artists on these pages.


Jannie Susan

Sunday, September 13, 2015

An Abundant Life - A Wealth Of Treasure

When I looked up the word Nissan, I found this entry at, "Nissan! The name itself evokes a sense of freshness and renewal. From the very beginning of Jewish history, Nissan has been synonymous with a longing for redefinition and hope."

I knew there was something special about Nissan Jewelers when I first discovered it in 2009. I was at a training in an office on 34th Street for the work I do in nutrition and health, and on my lunch break I met a lovely older lady with a walker who was looking for a place to have her watch repaired. I wasn't usually in that neighborhood and didn't know where to take her, so I asked for her telephone number and asked one of the trainers when I went back to the office. She directed me to "the jewelry store on the corner," and when I went to the store the experience was so delightful that I have been going back ever since. The owner is sincere, kind, funny, friendly and thoroughly honest. He'll tell you exactly what something is made of and give you the best price possible. He has vintage, antique and modern costume jewelry, genuine gold and gems and everything in between, with an occasional special item like a pure silver chalice. He does watch and jewelry repair, and it really is expert as his business card says. One customer started talking to me one day, saying, "I've been coming here for 25 years. He is the best." She showed me a thin gold filigree bracelet and said, "This belonged to my grandmother. It broke one day when I was on the bus. He fixed it so you can't even tell it was broken." Go when you have time to really look and talk to him because there is so much to see and learn. Call before you go to confirm his hours. And remember to be a good customer - treat him like the rare gem that he is.

Nissan Jewelers
28 East 33rd Street
Between Madison and Park Avenues
New York, NY 10016
(212) 252-8978

Oh, yes, the lovely older lady did get her watch repaired and was absolutely delighted :)

Solomon's Treasure

More photos on Instagram @jannie_wolff

Last weekend's prune plum crisp was so delicious I started eating it before I could take a photo to share with you so I made another :)

It's a very simple recipe, and I don't follow the one in recipe books because they all say to use more butter and sugar than you need. It will save your health and your wallet to modify for less. Here's my recipe:

One half cup flour (you can use unbleached white or whole wheat or a mixture of both)
Two tablespoons of butter
Two tablespoons of brown sugar
(Work these ingredients together with your fingers until they are in a crumbly mixture. It's all right if the crumbles are large and clumpy)

Wash and slice four cups of fruit of your choice and put in a pie plate or deep dish baker. You do not need to peel the fruit.
Sprinkle crumble mixture over the top and bake in a preheated oven at 375 degrees for 30 minutes

I like to add a quarter cup of rolled oats and a table spoon of flax seed meal and wheat germ to the crumble mixture for added grains, nutrients and fiber and to serve it warm with plain or vanilla lowfat yogurt

If your brown sugar has gotten too hard to crumble, you can still use it. Work the butter and flour together without it and sprinkle that mixture over the top of the fruit, then add a teaspoon of water to the brown sugar and dissolve it with your fingers. Pour the brown sugar over the butter and flour mixture and then bake. This happened to me today and last week. In order to break up the brown sugar I used a hammer with a clean paper napkin protecting the brown sugar. It made a lot of noise, but worked just fine :)


Jannie Susan

Monday, September 7, 2015

An Abundant Life - The Abundance of the Season

The first time I walked into AaRaa was just about this time of the year in 2008. The store was on Washington Street in Hoboken then, and a friend of mine had given me a Visa gift card for $25 as a surprise out of the blue. My budget was tighter than ever in those days and I was thinking of using the gift to buy groceries, but I listen to God even when it doesn't make sense, and I felt led to walk into AaRaa. I met the owner Neeta Chitre King who is absolutely one of the loveliest and kindest people I've ever met, and browsed around her beautiful store. Her prices were amazingly affordable and her eye for creating a beautiful space with beautiful things is one of the absolute best. I walked out that day with a pair of sandals and I think I bought a skirt also, and still had enough left on my gift card to stop at the supermarket on the way home. Over the years since then AaRaa has been a destination for me at least weekly, on my way home or on the weekend or a day off, whenever I need a cheerful and beautiful environment around me. I've bought many gifts there and have found such beautiful things for myself that everyone I know is always admiring my jewelry. I feel like a little girl's dream of a treasure chest has come true because of the abundance of beautiful things I now have, and all on a very tight budget. The clothing I have bought is all one of a kind and so lovely, and the home goods have transformed my apartment. Check out AaRaa online at, on Facebook at AaRaa Accessories, on Instagram @aaraahoboken and Twitter @shop_aaraa. I've posted a few photos on Instagram @Jannie_Wolff. If you're in Hoboken, stop by the store on 6th between Grand and Adams Streets. The owner is a wonderful host and you may even walk into a party!

N.B. Remember, dear readers, to be good customers, because the stores and store owners I'm sharing here are precious treasures. Treat them with the care and respect they deserve.

Today I was blessed to buy a basket of corn at a local produce market. It wasn't picked this morning, and was more than a day old, but the price was right and so I thought I'd take a chance. It was so fresh and delicious I was glad I did. The secret to making delicious corn is to put it in a pan with barely enough water to cover the bottom of the pan, put a lid on the pan and turn the flame up high for a minute or so and then turn the flame off while leaving the lid on for another thirty seconds. Don't boil your corn! Ever! And don't leave it in the pan too long, even if you're steaming it. Even supermarket corn can taste sweet and fresh if you don't over cook it. If the corn is a bit too old to eat on the cob, you can take it off with a good sharp knife and cook it in a little butter or olive oil. Don't cook it too long, it only needs a minute when it's off the cob. You can also freeze it on the cob if you buy a basket the way I did. Take the husk off and use zip lock bags or doubled produce bags wrapped tightly and sealed with a twist tie. Frozen corn can be used off the cob in soups, chowders and corn muffins, and it's also a nice addition to salads.

Last week's basket deal was prune plums, one of my favorites and they have such a short season. There's a plum coffee cake recipe I love to make with them, but eggs have been so expensive that I decided to go a simpler route and make a version of apple crisp with them instead. I've also been eating them daily in my morning oatmeal and for deserts and snacks.

Experiment with your fruits and vegetables - add them into meals and dishes you're making and see what works. It doesn't matter if there's a recipe for it or not, it's what you like that matters.

Wishing you an abundant life!


Jannie Susan
Princess Sandals on a Pauper's Budget

An Abundant Life

It's been a while since I've written and I thought I had said all that all that I needed to say, and then the Lord started talking to me recently about a message I share with people I know that He wants me to share with everyone. One of the promises of God is an abundant life, and sometimes because of our circumstances or finances or things that we have experienced, we aren't feeling like that promise is possible. When I was born again, I had gone through a time when I lost nearly everything. I was deeply in debt, a relationship that meant everything to me had ended with a deep and damaging betrayal, I lost my home, my business was in a shambles, and there was nothing I could see to live for. In the midst of that miry mess, a mess that I had actually created myself unknowingly, God reached down with love and pulled me out onto dry land and started me on a new path. And though I was thankful to be alive and still in one piece, the land was dry for a time and I couldn't see how the abundance God promises was possible. But little by little and piece by piece my life started getting put miraculously back together, and I have learned through the process that not only does God restore all things, but He restores above and beyond what we have lost. Not only does He provide our needs, but He provides our wants also. It has been ten years since I was born again, nine years since I said the sinner's prayer, and in one month I will mark the anniversary of nine years since I was baptized in a pool of water. During that time I have wanted for nothing, my finances have been repaired and I found meaningful work. During that time I had abundance in good food, good friends and good times. There were struggles along the way - Jesus told us there would be - but through it all He has been faithful to carry me through and to show me that His provision comes in miraculous ways, but sometimes those miraculous ways are hard to see if we are looking for what we think is a miracle.

I moved into a new apartment at the beginning of the year, and a friend called me up one day to say he wanted to give me some furniture. He's a kind and generous person, but he's an interior designer who refinishes the furniture he has carefully bought and can re-sell things any time he wants for premium prices. But for some reason he wanted to give me some gorgeous pieces of mid-century furniture, and he had them delivered. That is a blessing and a miracle, something that I didn't deserve that came to me out of the blue. At the time I didn't know anything about mid-century furniture, and that gift has led me to research and discuss and learn in ways I never did before.

There are people I know who receive gifts that they are never satisfied with and people who I talk to who don't want to buy things from thrift stores because they don't want anything that is used. There are people who would rather buy one tomato at a high end market rather than look in another store on the discount rack and buy several pounds for less money. I have found such joy in thrift store shopping, in buying food on a budget, and in decorating with divine inspiration, and the community of people around me who live their lives celebrating these simple and not so simple gifts is a blessing without measure. Each week I'll be highlighting a person who I know and their business, giving tips and sharing resources in hopes that we all can enjoy the abundant life that God has promised us, no matter what our budget is.


Jannie Susan