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An Abundant Life - Works Of Art

A few weeks ago I wrote about the Hudson Flea and Hewn Art Center and many of the wonderful people who share their great fashion, design, art and hand made products there. I put in a word for James Calley of Yesterday To Today, but said at the time that I'd be writing more about him and his amazing store in the future. That time has become now, and yesterday has become today, and so here I am and it's time to write about James and the amazing and eclectic Yesterday To Today.

I first met James after I saw his store. I had just moved into my new apartment and finally had space enough to buy a few things, but I didn't feel like I had the money I needed to buy what I wanted. I had seen Yesterday To Today when I was visiting with Ed Ramirez at Hewn Art Center, and when I moved into my new apartment I went to visit with Ed again to see if there was anything I might be able to dream about buying. Ed always has great prices at his store Ed's Salvage Co. and I also wanted to look again at Yesterday To Today, but I was feeling like my budget was tighter than usual so I didn't know what would be possible. James wasn't around that day, but among other wonderful things I saw a lamp and two cabinets at Yesterday To Today that I really thought would be great for my new apartment, and so I emailed James to ask about them. To my very great joyful surprise, they were so reasonable that I could buy them on the spot. And when I asked James about delivery, he said he delivers for free anywhere in Jersey City and in some other local areas too. Not only did he deliver the lamp and cabinets, but he brought them up the stairs. I live in a fourth floor walk up, so that was way above the call of duty. Since that day James has helped fill my apartment to overflowing with beautiful art, design pieces and furniture, and he also gives tips on repair, restoration and beautification. He has regular estate sales all over, and if I had a car I'd need to find a larger apartment just to be able to fit more things into it. Some of the pieces in James' store are painted and beautified by the beautiful and wonderfully creative and artistic Rita. You might see her at the Hudson Flea on occasion or at one of the estate sales when she has the time. Nicer and more knowledgeable people are hard to find, so when you visit, remember to treat them with the respect their expertise, talent, and hard work is due.

Yesterday to Today
Open Always Online
Face Book: YesterdayToToday
(973) 775-2318
At The Hudson Flea
Saturday & Sunday 11-5
140 Sip Avenue
Jersey City, NJ

The Amazing James Calley

A Fabulous Find In New York City

When I first moved to New York City twenty eight ago, I was surprised by the high prices at the thrift stores. I had come from Massachusetts by way of Pittsburgh, where thrift stores and yard sales and church basements were full of lovely and eclectic surprises at prices anyone could afford. I loved living in New York City, though, and when I finally moved out to New Jersey, I went kicking and screaming. I had recently been born again and was working in ministry, and I could not figure out why after all the years I'd spent in great New York City apartments, God couldn't find it in His heart to find me a place to live I could afford there now. When I'd argue with God and plead with Him to get me out of New Jersey and back where I thought I'd be truly happy, the answer kept coming back, "Look around you." When I finally got over myself and started to look around, He led me to so many great thrift stores and yard sales and church basements that my heart overflowed with gratitude and I realized how much He'd been trying to bless me. I still work in the City and am there often, and sometimes when I have the time I stop into a thrift store or church that is having a sale to see what I can see. Many times I am reminded of how blessed I am with New Jersey prices and quality, so imagine my infinite pleasure and surprise when I stumbled into Vintage Thrift Shop one day and saw that their prices rivalled some of my favorite places across the Hudson River. How they do it and why they do it I'll never understand, but they're a blessing and that's all I need to know. The staff is fabulous too, and there is never a dull moment at Vintage Thrift. They have two locations, one on West 10th Street and one on Third Avenue, so wherever you find yourself downtown you can stop on by. And as icing on the cake, both stores benefit the United Jewish Council, making your shopping an act of kindness.

Vintage Thrift Shop
286 Third Avenue
Between 22nd & 23rd Street
New York City
(212) 871-0777

Fabulous Staff

Amazing Finds

You Never Know Who You Might Meet
At Vintage Thrift
Chema Rodriguez, Artist From Seville Spain
Writing A Book On Balthus
Collector Of Antique Porcelain, Pottery & Ceramics

A West Village Tradition Since 1974

I grew up in Massachusetts where Italian food and pastries were an every day delicious availability. I always say the best pizza ever is made there, anywhere you go to buy pizza, even at the quick corner shops. But when I walked into Pasticceria Rocco nearly thirty years ago, I found a paradise for Italian pastry that made the delicacies of my past seem pale in comparison. Since that day I have tried other places, not on my own because I found my heart's delight at Rocco's, but because friends will insist that they know the best place and everyone always has their own favorite. I politely try what I'm given, but head right on back to Rocco's because I'm convinced there is no better Italian pastry in this world.

Pasticceria Rocco
243 Bleecker Street
New York, NY
(212) 242-6031

Heavenly Torrone

Rocco's Brother Franco
And The Excellent And Friendly Staff

Expertise You Can Count On

The first time I met Pablo Godoy of Right Angle, a custom framing and art and photography restoration company in Hoboken, I had just come from a very knowledgeable and reputable framing and restoration showroom in New York City. Ten years ago I had the opportunity to meet an art photographer from Belgium when I was visiting with the Haute Couture Designer Jean Paul Knott in Paris for his fashion week runway show. Back stage I started talking to a man with a camera, who told me about a fascinating art project he was working on. He'd had shows in Belgium and Japan, but never in New York City, and at the time I had my own business working with performing and visual artists to help them get their work shown. When I heard about this project and this artist's dream of coming to New York, I offered to help him if I could, though I couldn't make any promises, because though I had a heart to do the work I was doing, the art world on every level is a very tough business and breaks don't come easily. I suggested he email me images and a press kit, and he said that if I had the time he could do a portrait of me while I was in Paris. Then he would bring the film home to Belgium, put it through the intricate process he had developed for his project, and send me the final product in the mail to New York. We arranged for a sitting the next day, and then I left Paris the day after that. A few months later, a tube arrived in the mail from Belgium with two large portraits rolled up like posters. They were silver gelatin prints on archival paper, and I didn't know what to do with them or how to handle them properly and get them mounted, so I called the art photographer Tommy Flynn and asked for his advice. He suggested I take the portraits to a friend of his, and I made an appointment, soon finding out that Tommy's friend was one of the most knowledgeable, respected and well liked men in the industry. He looked at the portraits, suggested a way to mount them, and recommended me to a highly respected and knowledgeable gallery owner. One door opened to another and another. At the time I knew something special was happening, but it was before I was born again, and I didn't understand that only God can do that. A day or two after I dropped off the portrait, the gallery called me and asked how many portraits the artist had available because they wanted to do a show. I connected them with the artist, and the show sold out, his work selling for astronomical prices. His dream came true, his art was recognized in the New York market, and now he has a gallery representing him in Los Angeles. One door opening to another to another, in the way that only God can do.

My old apartment was very damp, and it had been a request of the artist to not have the portraits framed. I'd had mine mounted on foam core which over time began to bend and bow. When I moved into my new apartment, I wanted to fix it somehow, and that's what sent me to see the reputable and knowledgeable framer and restorer in Manhattan. The woman I spoke with there quoted me an astronomical price, recommending museum quality glass and a frame although I kept saying that was not what the artist had intended. I left feeling hopeless, and as I prayed, I remembered a place I'd often walked by in Hoboken, so I stopped there on my way home. Enter Pablo Godoy, with knowledge and prices and respect for the artists' and customers' wishes that make your heart's desires possible. After meeting him I'll never go anywhere else. He has an artist's and designer's eye, and is honest and kind as the day is long with years of excellent experience and craftsmanship behind him. He makes recommendations and gives options, and lets you decide what you want. He won't steer you wrong and everything will come out just right.

Right Angle
Picture Framing - Custom Mirrors
320 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ
(201) 420-8262
1108 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ
(201) 942-9220
595 River Road, Edgewater, NJ
(201) 945-2026

Current Art Exhibit - Hoboken Light
Photographs By Debbie Rasiel


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