Sunday, December 2, 2018

An Abundant Life - A Self Made Man

For anyone who knows me, whenever I receive a compliment I respond with giving credit to God and to the people in my life who have been of help and support and have shared their gifts with me. It's something I truly know about myself that I wouldn't be alive today and certainly wouldn't be living the enjoyable life I am living if it weren't for the gifts both practical, physical and emotional that so many wonderful people have shared with me. The expression "a self made man" is not one that I normally would use for anyone, but when I sat down to write about David Bistany, that was the expression that came to my mind.

From my vantage point over the years I would say it's not easy being a man, and indeed, the journalist Norah Vincent wrote about that in her immersion account published in December of 2006, "Self-Made Man: One Woman's Year Disguised as a Man", of the eighteen months she spent exploring the world of men as a man. And if being a man is difficult, being a self-made one is even more so. According to Wikipedia, the term "is a classic phrase first coined on February 2, 1832 by United States senator Henry Clay who referred to the self-made man in the senate, to describe individuals in the manufacturing sector whose success lay within the individuals themselves, not with outside conditions." It goes on to describe someone who rises "to eminence in financial, political or other areas by nurturing qualities, such as perseverance, hard work, and ingenuity."

In reading this description, it makes perfect sense to me why I thought of this phrase in relation to David Bistany. According to the information listed under "Agent Details" through the website for Liberty Realty where he is a five star real estate agent with over 20 years of experience:

"David’s real estate knowledge was honed in a competitive world. Growing up in the New York City area has provided David with a remarkable education, intense drive, and an easy mindset to lead each and every customer through the labyrinth of real estate. Nineteen years in the industry has given him the opportunity to be a witness and participant in the transformation and gentrification of local communities all around. Real estate is a business where you meet people from every walk of life, and you’re changing lives every day. David says he doesn’t want to bore us with stories or sound cliché, but with a great sense of humor and expert knowledge of the industry he is able to pass on the lessons he has learned. David’s work ethic is dynamic and proficient. “Is there another way to work?” he asks. What most people don’t realize is, working as a real estate professional means you run your own business. Like any other industry, there are many agents to choose from, but it takes a real professional with discipline for business to maintain a successful career. This leads to his success and the success of his clients. Those who know and have worked with David can attest that he does not stop at mediocre. This is not just a job for David, this is his passion. Buying or selling can be one of the most important decisions of your life; let David be your guide. If you’re ready for a trusted real estate advisor to help you fulfill your dreams and achieve your goals, call David Bistany today. Don’t wait!"

I can say with all honesty after knowing David and seeing the way he works and interacts with everyone he meets that the words in this write up are true. I can also say that not only does he show this level of expertise and work ethic in his chosen field of Real Estate, but that he also puts this same high level of effort into everything he is involved in. Recently I had the opportunity to watch from the sidelines as he worked with the Hoboken Rotary Club to plan their first annual fundraising dinner. Every detail was important to him, and as he worked with the planning committee and the event site both before, during and after the event, I have seen his commitment to excellence and his discerning views in action, not only being satisfied with a favorable outcome, but wanting the best experience for everyone involved. My only concern when I share time with David is that I want him to be able to enjoy the fruits of his own labor - he is so often so concerned about making sure that everything is running smoothly and everyone else is enjoying themselves that I find myself wondering when he has time to take time for himself.

David is one of the rarest of men. As a Real Estate agent with one of the leading Real Estate offices in the area that is a leader in innovation and in customer satisfaction, he lives his life with the standard of excellence he puts into his work with clients every day. Currently one of the top producers in Hudson County and one of the highest producing of Liberty Realty's 300 agents, he holds the Gold "Circle of Excellence" Real Estate Award for 2016. In addition to his membership with the Rotary Club, he is a member of The Chamber of Commerce and a Board Member of the Hoboken Schoolhouse Condo Association, and he and his family are also the proud owners of two rescue pups. If you are lucky enough to meet David and work with him on any project, either buying or selling a home or in any of his community efforts, you will find in him someone you can trust, who is always thinking ahead of the trends, and who will always do his utmost to insure that whatever he touches turns to gold.  

David Bistany
Five Star Real Estate Agent
At Liberty Realty
One Marine View Plaza
Hoboken, New Jersey



Jannie Susan

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