Sunday, June 3, 2018

An Abundant Life - Quiet Luxury

The first time I visited the Cesar New York Italian Kitchen Showroom Flagship Store, I was attending a class for interior designers and architects. I had been invited because of the work I have done over the years with designers as a consultant and in public relations and marketing, and when I introduced myself to Gerry Molina who is the Marketing and Communications Manager and told her that I was there in both capacities, she welcomed me in the lovely, quiet way that she has and made me feel right at home. Over the past few months I've attended several other classes, and have been introduced to other products and showrooms - I met the Territory Sales Manager from Sub-Zero and Wolf who invited me to their showroom and that introduction led to my writing the piece I wrote about that wonderful company a few weeks ago. The Cesar showroom is beautiful - with a simple quiet luxury that draws you in and makes you want to live the life that is contained in it. And indeed, Cesar has a belief that the kitchen is the soul of the home and that kitchens reflect the personalities of the people who live in their spaces. I think that is true, and I also think that with a Cesar kitchen, a lifestyle that is aspired to can be discovered and created. And Cesar is not just for kitchens, though those areas they do so perfectly they could just do that and nothing else. They are about lifestyle and living spaces, and when you enter their showroom you discover a world that you can live in that makes a house a beautiful and elegant home, with space that is comfortable and practical while giving the eyes a feast to savor and live in.

In addition to the classes they host at the showroom, they participate in large and smaller design events in Manhattan, both onsite and off, and in the relatively short time they have been in their New York Showroom, they have become an integral part of the city. Founded in 1969 by Vittorio Cester, who created a modern furniture factory from his original furniture workshop located in the northern Italian countryside town of Prammagiore, the heart of the company is still where its roots began and is currently under the leadership of Vittorio's children Gina and Dante Cester who have been working with their father since the 1980's. The artisan touch and attention to detail in the craftsmanship of the products is evidence of the long history, decades of experience, and pride in creating the finest in customized cabinetry, countertops, kitchen hobs, sinks, and bathroom vanities. Function, innovation and technology meet with classic style and the simple elegance of European design, and with the expertise of designers on site with over 20 years of experience and an in-house production approach that makes it possible for quality control that exceeds industry standards, not only are the kitchens and living spaces that are created beautiful, they are exquisitely crafted and uniquely suited to each household's individual needs. The ranges of options in styles, materials, colors and finishes are varied with an eye to aesthetics, clean lines, and luxury, and most can be touched and experienced hands on in the showroom. Whether for residential or commercial projects, all products and designs are created by craftsmen to the unique specifications of the customer, and all work is done according to the highest environmental standards.

When I sat down to talk with Gerry Molina before writing this blog, I had already experienced the showroom on a number of occasions, and I had also been a guest at their booth at the Architectural Digest Design Show in March where they created an oasis of beautiful music and pure loveliness with a classical trio performing in the midst of the classic, sleek and comfortable designs that I have come to know as the signature of Cesar. As we spoke, the busy world of Manhattan's 23rd Street rushed by, but inside Cesar, the solid marble tops, luxurious textures and quiet beauty of the designs gave a tranquil and comfortable feeling to city life. And for anyone who is wondering, the pronunciation of the name itself has a softer, more sleek tone, with the C becoming a Ch and the e made lighter, it becomes "Chesar". Say it that way and you'll find yourself experiencing some of the beauty and elegance of Italy.

Cesar New York City
Italian Kitchen Showroom
Flagship Store
50 West 23rd Street
New York City

The Maxima 2.2
With A Countertop And Sink
Carved From A Solid Piece Of Marble 

Yes, They Do Carry Caesarstone
A High Quality Product
And Option For Countertops
But No Relation To The Owners Of Cesar


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