Sunday, October 7, 2018

An Abundant Life - Art In Gorgeous Motion

Zuzanna Kozlowska is a muse. An artist and a designer, she fashions clothing out of fabric that she's cut and draped and sometimes painted on, and she creates wearable art that is meant to be a one-of-a-kind treasure for the lucky person who finds it. I saw her fashion show at Paul Calendrillo New York Gallery during Fashion Week, and though the room was packed, there was still a very select and intimate feeling about the way she shared her vision of the clothing and the way she designed each piece with loving care just as she designed the evening with refined touches of baby's breath and bluebells on the seats and healthy food and snacks to eat with our luscious Prosecco. She walked in her own show, a lovely vision among so many lovely visions - as I told a friend afterward even the models were perfectly chosen in their uniqueness and charm and character. In the search for visibility, there are times that fashion designers go overboard, trying to make the models look ghoulish or garish, but the models in this show were attractive and attracting in a way that drew attention to the lovely clothing they wore because it was made so well and created a lovely flow in its drapes and falls and colors and textures.

The show, "Feel-Silk-Flow" launched a new collection and the brand ZUZ which was created in collaboration with Zuzanna's mother, the couture fashion designer Olga Kozlowska. It was held in conjunction with the artist's gallery show of work on fabric that was titled "Burn-Fear-Flow", and there is a back story that a fire in Zuzanna's apartment caused her to lose her home and nearly everything she owned, including years of her artwork and a lifetime of creations. But instead of mourning the loss and being overwhelmed by it, the designer and artist took her cue from nature and brought the emotions and colors of her experience to exquisite life. The work in this show is a departure from some of her earlier couture work just as the work in the gallery is a simplified version of the elaborate drawing on fabric she has done in the past. There's a purity of line and simplicity of vision that makes each piece of wearable art something that could be treasured forever.

When I asked Zuzanna if I could meet with her to take photos for a blog post, she suggested we meet at Paul Calendrillo's gallery. She arrived with a wearable that she had created, and proceeded to treat us to our own private fashion show as she explored the multi-faceted ways to wear it around the different pieces of art she had created on the walls in the room. I was reminded of Isadora Duncan and Martha Graham, and some of the other early champions of avante garde art and dance. This was living art in radiant color, an art of gorgeous motion, celebrating the flow and motion of life.

Zuzanna Kozlowska
At Paul Calendrillo New York Gallery

Bringing Art To Life

At The Fashion Show
The Launch of ZUZ SS19

At The Tesla Motors Exhibition "Metamovement"
Wearing Painted Couture
Part Of A Runway Show And Discussion
Of The Meaning Of Motion
Photograph Courtesy Of Paul Calendrillo
Photo Credit Peter Horton


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