Sunday, January 24, 2016

An Abundant Life - Healthy Fun

A World Of Health And Well Being

Sixth Street Community Center is one of the warmest places I know. The first time I stopped by they welcomed me with open arms, and every time I go back there I meet someone new and wonderful and learn how much more there is to learn. Annette Averette, the Business Manager, is one of the original founders from 1978, and I think she must have started there when she was a baby herself because she is far too young and full of life to have such a long history anywhere. Everyone there is glowing with health and life and brimming with creativity - the building overflows with art and good healthy food and fun, with youth programs, adult classes and a CSA that began in 1996 and was the first in Manhattan. Stop by for a visit and stay for a while - the murals in the front hallway are worth the trip all by themselves, and there's lots more to see and do. I promise you'll walk out with more than you came in with, and that's not including the smiles.

Sixth Street Community Center
638 East 6th Street
New York, NY
(212) 677-1863

Annette Averette Shares Her Wealth Of Knowledge

Gorgeous Historical Murals And Ongoing Art

The First CSA In Manhattan
Started In 1996 And Still Going Strong

Michael Kowalski, CSA Coordinator

Farm Fresh Produce And Specialty Items

Pureed And Prepared Vegetables

Eggs And Dairy

Sixth Street Youth Program
Libby Mislan

Jen Chantrtanapichate

Earrings Designed By Jen Chantrtanapichate

A Gorgeous Salad Prepared By The Youth
With Ingredients Provided From the CSA

Brimming With Health And Life

A Special Space For Any Day And Always

Across town on the West side is one of my new favorite restaurants, The Park. Penelope Brackett hosts her fabulous Share The Wealth brunches there, and the first time I walked in, I was hooked. Where else can you find delicious food, great wait staff, roaring fireplaces and cozy nooks combined with the most stunning indoor and outdoor furniture and design, with trees and bushes and birds? I could sit by the fire all day long if they'd let me, and they're so hospitable they probably would. The breakfast pizza is a favorite, but so is everything else on the menu - it's hard for me to choose just one thing. It's tempting to make this a daily destination, but then I might just never leave.

The Park
118 10th Avenue
New York, NY
(212) 352-3313

Happy Days!


Jannie Susan

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